Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Star Awards #SA2013


Selcas taken while on cab to Mediacorp.

This expression cos I really wanted to go to the toilet to release myself and Jayley wasn't there yet.... LOL

Waited for a minibus to come and bring us to Marina Bay Sands for hair and makeup.

Everywhere backstage was really hectic and kinda messy.
People rushing here and there, walking briskly etc.
And finally, we were all ready.
At the holding area, the place where we have to wait for 1 to 2 hours before the LIVE show - This is something you don't get to see on TV. ;)

One of the fews that wore a short dress for the red carpet.

With my twinney. :)

First person (other than Jayley) that night I took photo with: Paige!



Ya Hui. I'm so amazed by the rate she slimmed down!


Zhou Ying, she's really petite.

With lovely Ann. I would love to know the secrets to her skincare routine! For look so young!
And why is she so well-endowed! *Envious*

Meikee, sweet lil girl.

Tracy, Jayley, Julie and Hayley.
Hahahaha, the ending pronunciation of our names are quite similar.

Qiao Er, Kim and JayOnTheHay.

How can we miss out the chance of taking photo with the hottest couple in town?

Now some photos with the handsome dudes.
Together with Xubin and Aloy.

Desmond Koh!
He's really funny. First time he asked after taking the photo,"Eh, never snap my double chin right!" LOL

Lee Teng! Congrats on receiving Top 10!

Congrats on receiving the Best Supporting Male actor award, Mr Tay!

Romeo looking manly with his new moustache.

2nd Desmond I took photo with that night. ;P

Congratulation to Ian for receiving the Best Newcomer award.
Though my vote and heart voted for my sister, you did a good job too. ;)

Shane! Still not used seeing him botak. :P

Jeffrey~ Another botak boy.

Jerry, who gained quite a bit of weight on his face since the last time I've seen him.

With vetern actor, 叶世品!

刘谦益大哥 was really funny and cute that night!
While Toggle #TapMe was filming Jayley and I doing Kiyomi, he was standing by the side watching and learning from us! SUPER CUTE OKAY. HAHAHA

Lawrence, acted alongside Jayley in Art of Love.

You may catch it here!

Selcas of myself! :D
Love the curls and makeup that night.

And this is us walking the red carpet on TV! :D

Photo time at the end of the Walk of Fame.

Sitting beside me during the whole show was Jeremy!

On my left, Alaric Tay.

Let the show begin!

The cast of Ah Boys To Men giving their speech for the Best Newcomer award.

With Ling Yi.

Cheryl and Kim - noticed how we were all dressed in the different shades of pink? xD

With Sheena babe.

Spot Jayley in her 2nd outfit.

As we were about to leave the after-party, saw 汉伟大哥!

向云。Really respect this veteran! Totally no airs at all!
When we were about to leave the makeup room after we were done changing, she told us that she wished to take a photo with the both of us cos her daughter always mention to her, whenever we update our Instagram. xD Her smile totally warm my heart.

Congratulation to 梅娇姐 on winning the Best Supporting Actress award.


When we were about to exit the building, I was still telling Jayley about not getting a photo with Zoe Tay.
Guess who we saw when the lift door opened?


Last guy I saw when we were out of the building: Pierre Png.
He was standing there taking photos with his fan and I just budged in. HAHAHAHA
So sorry about that, was rushing. xD

Went to meet BFF and.......

.... Dongsaeng, Alton aka Ah Toon out!
Had a "mini-photoshoot". LOL

BFF forever! :D

Thank you Zhi Qing for always being there for me and being so thoughtful!

I love her handwriting!

And her sweetness.. ;)


  1. I am also concern for you as a loyal fan. Stay rested and don't be sick. Love ya, Pretty Hayley! :)



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