Friday, June 07, 2013

The Recruit Diaries aka 阿兵新传 Wrap Party


This one is gonna be a photo spam post.
Enjoy your ride down. :P

Got my blonde hair earlier on that day as well!
The boys playing Guitar Heros. LOL, look at Jeremy! Too over.... XD

I'm really glad that I met her. She's the only one that hugs me tight enough whenever we meet. xoxo

Group photo!

Photo with the producer of the sitcom, Rong Ming! Really friendly guy!
Didn't have the chance to get to know him or chat much though.

With one of the director, Boris. He perspires really easily! ;P

With the other director, Khiang Ting. Funny guy when drunk. LOL
At this point of time, was a tad tipsy. Thus the expression. xD

Jean from casting unit of Mediacorp. The one that called me for the roles.

Uncle Bird, DOP aka Director of Photography.
Nope, I didn't spell his name wrongly. Everyone calls him that. xD


Jia Wei.

Rui Qi.

The lady beside me is our AP, You Pei.

Introducing the main male lead and the narrator of the story: Jeffery!

Next we have Shane.

Xubin and a 娘娘腔的花花公子。xD

Jeremy and ”夜来香“。

Ivan as Ah Ber, my boyfriend in the show. XD

Wang Yu Qing as Jeffery's father and officer.

Benjamin as the army sergent.

You may find him familiar as he appeared in Ah Boys to Men! Meet Aizuddiin!

Jun Hui.



With the 3 soldiers.

Ada~ I love her friendlyness!

Really yummy drink!

More group shots!
This one I use front cam take one!

It's been nice working with these guys!
I look forward to our next collaboration!
Keep your eye peeled for 阿兵新传, coming to you on your TV screen in June/July!



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