Thursday, July 25, 2013


As the month of July is almost coming to an end, I figured that I should just do like a compilation!


Attended Kate's Spring Summer 2013 launch event @ The Jewel Bar (Rangoon Road).

Photo credits to Miwitch.

Cute Pomeranian hair cut I saw on FB!
Gonna try it on #BBW the next time we bring him to the salon. :D


The day when I did my 2nd Instavideo in the car.

Fitting for a TVC shoot. Hair colour and hair style sure makes a difference.

Love the pair of lashes the MUA gave me! So natural!

Ramen date that night with C and his parents at Bugis +.

3rd singing video that night.



Happy lifestyle with twinney~


Busy but super productive day! ME LOVE!


Pinafore first school promo at Singapore Poly's food court 5.

Sensual Nails Spa
Block 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 
(just walk straight down from KOI, and you will be able to see a playground)
Call them at 6259-0889 to book your appointments now!

First time having Mookata in Singapore.


Differences between no lens and yes lens. LOL
#HayleyLOTD for our 2nd stop of school promo @ ITE College West (CCK).
Angry face cos I got a mosquito bite on my cheek. Zzzzz

Gotta thank dear C for waking up early to send me! :D

Went straight to KSL after that with C and his parents. :D
My 2nd time there!

Beautiful colours in the skies.

Dinner over there~
Gosh the mango sticky rice is so damn good.


Temples running day with beloveds.

What does this photo tells you?
Sorry for stopping so abrutly, would like to continue this post but I'm getting a lil tired. :P
Need to wake up really early tomorrow for the promo at ITE Central (AMK)!
See you guys real soon!
I promise to blog more soon alrights? ;)


  1. Hi Hayley, to compare dye-ing process for hair, would you choose golden hair or red hair ?

    1. Hi Jsslyn! Eh, I don't really understand "compare dying process for hair"!
      What do you mean?

      But if you were to ask what colour would I prefer myself in, I would choose red. ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You are looking so much beautiful. I would love to get some beauty tips from you. The picture of eyes with different color and size of glasses are really awesome. I didn't even think to to get something like this. I take my beauty treatment from Charisma beauty salon Perth. I am thankful of them due to their high class beauty treatment.



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