Monday, July 22, 2013

Touching Up~

Went back to Salon Runway two weeks ago, to touch up my roots and a session of magic treatment for my precious ombre hair!

Work in progress....

Elein commented that the dark red on my hair has faded to a very nice natural red! :D

After much waiting for the hair dye to get into my hair, we shifted to the VIP room!
Every single time I'm inside, I felt special. xD

The whole range of treatment products that was used on my hair that day!
Labelled from A to E, a step by step procedure in order to achieve that healthy and shiny hair even for the most damaged ends! :D

This was also applied on my hair!

Steam steam steam~

Always making me feel like a princess...

Texturizing powder applied at the crown of my hair to volumized it! Give it some pouf!

And check out the final results! :D

Love how they make my hair frame my face, making my face shape much sharper!

Thank you my dear Elein! :D

And thanks Shawn for giving me such a nice and relaxing head massage while washing my hair~ :)

Promotions for my dear readers!
Simply quote "Hayley" when you're there and you will get to enjoy a 15% off  on any hair services!

However, it's not applicable to existing promotions, meaning you only can choose one. ;)

And if you're wondering where's my selcas, HERE IT IS! :P
How not to camwhore with such chio hair! 

Loving my armcandies from Epicfas! :D
A delightful sight to take in whenever I'm home.

Have you booked an appointment with Salon Runway yet?



  1. Hi Hayley ! Can I ask you, their latest promotions for cut + colour + treatment is for all types of hair lenght :)?

    1. Hi sweetie! I'm not quite sure about it. You can probably give them a call and check with them? :)

  2. Your hair so CHIO! :) Love your pretty hair.

  3. hi, may i know how long will the promotion last? :)

    1. Should be quite a while! :D
      Just give those friendly people a call! They won't bite! ;)



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