Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I'm so sorry for being a lousy blogger these days...
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook is the reason of being lazy.
It's so convenient now to just post a photo/status update in a snap of fingers and tadaa, it's uploaded and LIVE. :X
Every single time I told myself to at least blog something whenever I switch on my laptop, but it seems like it's becoming more of a chore?
And I always digress and procrastinate long enough to tell myself,"Let's watch YouTube/Funshion! I'm sure I will blog later!"
Lacking of passion is disastrous. No motivation or whatsoever. :/
But somehow, I definitely still miss blogging.
Miss the days whereby I'm so pro-active, capable of blogging almost every single day!
(Wonder how I did that... XD)

Hehe~ :P

Ok! 'Nuff of digressing! Let me update you guys about my September!


Went to Adventure Cove for the first time with my twinney.
Was pretty awesome cos there wasn't much Sun that day! It kept on raining and the wind was huge. Good for me cos I've heard so much about people getting suntanned badly whenever they go there!

Despite of her hectic schedule, I thought it was really nice for her to take some time off and accompany me to have some fun together. 
I really treasure times like these. (L)

Had our lunch at Astons and went walk around after dropping our heavy bags in our car.

Bought Garrett Popcorns!

Drove to Vivo and decided to catch a movie together.
Watched The Purge and gosh, we both were so afraid I swear I will never pay another ticket to scare myself anymore. :X
Had mango shaved ice before our movie too.
Nothing can beat Taiwan's shaved ice man. (Talking about Taiwan, I promise to blog about my trip ASAP k. :P)

Would like to thank Carlo Rino for sponsoring me two pretty bags as well! :D

Really love the material of the bag! Quilted and soft, spacious and leather belts. :D
Good quality bag!


Been trying to live a healthy lifestyle lately by having yoghurt for my breakfast!

Chilling with my lovely pooch before preparing to head out.

This is a message to all my haters.

BOY GIRL snapback from Epicfas.

43rd monthsary dinner at OC's Covelli.
Pretty good food but I was really grumpy that day cos I was so famished and the food took way too long to come....

Came home to this 'yang oh kia'.
How can your heart not melt at the sight of him doing these/looking at you like that!?!?


Just another random, boring day.

Not so tasty Roti John from Lavander Food Square.

 Awesome waffles combo for supper @ Udders.


Went for to DRx for Essential Facial (PLUS).
What's up with the fancy name you may ask, let me tell you!

It consists of Ultrasonic Cleansing, Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery and a therapeutic facial mask, while Essential Facial plus adds Micro-dermabrasion to the program.

Did you know that Essential Facial is a highly popular award-winning program that has won the CozyCot Holy Grail Award in 2008 and the All-Time favourite facial of Elle Magazine's Beauty IT List in 2009?
Pretty cool huh!

First step in all facials, using a milk cleanser to remove all traces of makeup or sunscreen.

Next, using their facial cleanser, lather into foam and washes the face.

3rd step: Ultrasonic Cleansing + Micro-dermabrasion; To eliminate dead cells from the skin surface and loosen all impurities.

Next would be delivering nutrients to the face.
In my case, they used PG Vitamin C on me.

Straight after that, my estheticians helped me to remove all my hidden pimples...
I won't lie... It hurted like mad but it's all worth it for the sake of beauty!!!

Looks mad disgusting right.... :P

More nutrients to deliver deep into my skin.

Corin mixing my mask...

This is the part I love most cos I always fell asleep.... XD


Corin has been in this line for about more than 10 years! Very experienced lady!

Despite the red dots on my face, my skin felt really smooth and glowy after the facial!
Thank you DRx! :D

After which, rushed down to T2 to pick up my Dad! :D

You're missed. :)

Went to pick Jayley up and off we go to Yum Cha!

Food that we ordered that night.

And our lovely dessert. :P

Back home...

My very new, messy but organized clothes rack.

....... IN OUR ROOM! WTH.

Guilty face....



Headed out to Plaza Singapura to watch That Girl In Pinafore for the 5th time, but this time it's different because we watched it together with our parents!

Dinner at the food court before movie.
Mouth drooling awesomeness Indonesian BBQ!
Love the gravy so so much!

Dessert after meal.
Super sweet and colourful!

With the other half..

Surprisingly, the hall was half full despite the movie has been airing since 1st of August! :D
Parents love the movie as well, something they could relate to since it's more or less in the generation of pagers... :P

Went back home and worked out together with Jayley on our yoga mats.

I better stop here now! The post is getting way too long.
That's pretty much what happened in the first week of my September! :D
I would really like to thank you guys for coming back all the time even though I really haven't been blogging much!
Thank you for reading this post.
I love every single one of you who have read this.

Will be posting about my Taiwan trip next / my 2nd week of September!
Comment down below and tell me which posts you guys would like to see more!



  1. For your Taiwan trip will you also post how to get there? Thanks!

  2. Hahaha! I mean how to get to the different places of interest! Apparently you did, thank you!:) I enjoyed the posts, more selcas please!

  3. May I know how much does the facial treatment cost? Do you prefer drx or glomax aesthetics?



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