Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taipei Day 1

Finally got down to blogging my Taiwan trip! :D :D :D
It was kinda like a last minute surprise trip from BF~
Gotta thank him for that!
Now I got to strike off another To-Go place off my check list!
Next place I wish to visit: JAPAN! Hahahaha~ :P

So we went down to Mustafa to change my SGD to NT.
Before changing, I calculated on this application on my iPhone.

And yes, Mustafa earned 351.81 worth of NT.


Checking in our bags....

Every single time when I get the tickets, I get so psyched!
Can't believe I actually got the chance to fly to a place I've always seen on TV/cinemas/dramas!

Pampering our legs with the uFoot massage thingy while waiting for time to pass.

Hate it whenever I have to sit in the middle section of the seats. :(
Nonetheless, I still got to see the sunrise! :D

Ain't it breathtaking? 

After 6 hours, finally reached Tao Yuan Airport.

Met Jiaxi's Taiwanese batch mate when we were about to alight!

Taipei's MRT route. Nothing too fancy compared to Seoul's!

First thing first when we collected our bags; Check out a local convenience store!
Kinda like our 7-11 but it's called Hi-Life over there.
They actually sell Onigiri and lots of other goodies in there!
Wishing Singapore would do the same....

Bought our express bus ticket!

The bus was pretty luxurious if you ask me!
Seat was super comfy and there were plenty of leg space!

The next moment when I woke up, this was what my eyes captured.
Welcome to Xi Men Ding 西门町!

Hotel Puri is so convenient! Smacked right in one of the alleys of XMD. 
No.6, Ln. 27, Chengdu Rd, Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan 108

C booked this hotel cos the last time he came here, he stayed in the old hotel with a different name. LOL, not sure if you get what I mean.
This hotel is pretty new as they recently renovated it. 
Only thing I don't like is that we had to wait until 3pm then can check in. Zzzz

At the point of time when we took this photo, it was around 7+ 8am.

Uh huh, 7.43am. :P

Left our bags in the hotel lobby and off we go to explore the not-yet-awaken-XMD.
Panorama shot of the square.
And yes, that's C on the left of the photo with a cab uncle telling him of his service.

AWESOME street food early in the morning. It's kinda like popiah but with omelette and this very tasty sauce inside.

Looking at this, reminded myself that I have yet to blog about my Shanghai trip!!! :O
Taiwan have 葱抓饼~
Shanghai have 手抓饼~
Singapore have prata wrapped with sausages~

C's favourite food in XMD! Too early, haven't open.

Shared a set of Big Breakfast.
Different packaging and the patty is of pork.
Chilled pretty long at Mac.

Walked back to hotel, hoping that the room for us would be ready by then (11am +), but nope! They are super strict on their policy. 3pm check in means 3pm check in. :/

Tourist-y shot!
Super hot and sunny weather at 11am+.

Asked the hotel concierge what we could do to pass time and they gave a very nice suggestion - To watch movie.
Apparently if you were to catch the movies in the morning, they are much cheaper!
Bought 2 pairs of movie tickets in a row: RIPD and Percy Jackson.
Totally missed the middle part of RIPD cos I was too tired, while C fell asleep throughout the movie.... HAHAHAHA
I was super awake though during Percy Jackson. Not a movie I would recommend though. Preferred its season 1. :/

After movie, went to try out C's happy food!

Maybe it's just me..... But I don't really like this!
A lot of my friends were like,"Omg, so good! Get to eat Ah Zong!"
But to me, it's really not very nice eh. :/

When we stepped out of the cinema hall, it was raining stitches and domos luh.

But finally!!!!!
We managed to check in at 3pm!

What you see when you open the door....

King size bed! :D


Bathroom area.

Exhausted face.....
In case you're wondering, the colour of my eyes are brown. ;)

Napped for a couple of hours before we head out shopping and eat dinner!
XMD is full of artistic performers man!

Kids dancing to Gangnam Style. XD

Taipei's form of EZlink card.

I was wondering what's the point of having doors when there's none in between.
Get what I mean? xD

Shi Lin Night Market~

Check out the amount of people man!

Went down to the air-conditioned food basement and saw the amount of people in there....
1223!!!! NOT KIDDING OK!

Always wanted to try this out!

大肠 is made of glutinous rice, 小肠 is the sausage.
Gosh, the sausage is heavenly awesome.... *Salivating at the thoughts of it*

Finally found an empty spot in one of the food stalls.

Chicken soup that tasted like water + super wet Taiwanese oyster pancake (蚵阿煎) + not too bad braised pork rice (滷肉飯)~

Not satisfied, went out on to the streets for more.......

Super sweet orange juice!

Cute Taiyaki in different shapes and characters~

Bustling with loads of people.

Super cute candy stores! Check out the right side!

More sausages....
And if you noticed, C was carrying 2 umbrellas like a ninja.
It ain't just your ordinary umbrella ok!
You will see it appearing in the next few posts~

Some juice to quench the thirst.

Bittergound that taste sweet?


Purchases of the night! :D
Spent 300 SGD in total on the first night there. Mad crazy!

Yup, that's what happened on the first night in Taipei!

Thank you guys for reading!
Be sure to come back for more!
Day 2 coming up! :D



  1. how many days did you stay in tw? can't wait for your subsequent posts hurry blog!!

    1. Initially it was only 4 nights! But due to the unforeseen circumstances (typhoon), a total of 5 nights!
      Yes yes! Keep your eyes peeled!

  2. how long does it take to travel from xmd to shilin night market?

    1. Hi there! It's approximately 15 minutes apart if you take the metro!

  3. Hi Hayley! :)
    Did you change only SGD$600 for your trip? You said that you've spent S$300 on your first day. D: (I was wondering if $800 is enough for 4D3N..)

    1. Hello! :)
      I changed 600 SGD and brought another 100 SGD with me.
      It really depends on yourself and the places that you plan to go.
      Cos the money that I changed were only for my own shopping which doesn't include food and accomodation! :P

  4. Hola Hayley! B-)

    The trip looks great. Any type of food restaurant and street food would you like and would recommend? Like a Top 5 for both street and dine-in. That would be useful for those in a hurry while reading the blog ;-).

    On a side note I'm still wondering when are you going to write a Ramen list? I've asked on Facebook too,lol. Like which were and are the best you like or recommend for this year. Maybe make it a yearly list since you have tried many. That would be fun and cool.

    What do you think?


    1. Hola! :D

      I will definitely recommend the 葱抓饼,popiah skin w ice-cream inside, Braised Pork Rice! My top 3 choices!

      Ramen... Okay noted! I will keep this in mind! ;)

      Thank you for dropping by!

  5. Hello Hayley! May i know what time you board the Free Gobus? As ill be reaching taipei at 6am too and i read up on forum people says it starts only at 830.

    1. Hi Joanne! Oh my... I'm sorry but I didn't really take note of the time! :/
      If it's the same timing as me, should be available by the time you check out!

  6. Yummmmyy max~~~oh u 2 so lovely~haha~XD

  7. Hi Hayley, just to let you know the token is not Taipei form of ezlink card, rather, it is Taipei form of standard card... Correct me if I am wrong. :)

    1. Hahah! True! For visitors and all right?
      But my first impression was Ezlink card. xD

  8. Hi hayley! How much did u paid for the hotel + flight? (:

    1. Hi Anonymous! I don't know the amount cos C paid for me. :P

  9. Nice choice of bra! :p

  10. Hi Hayley
    was wondering if you still remember which part of shilin you bought your umbrella and how much did it cost? i really like the design(:

    1. Hi Tia, sorry for the late reply! Just saw this!
      2 umbrellas costed 650 NT! Hope this helps. ;)

  11. How did you even spend 300$ just on a single night? Is the things there expensive??

  12. I am an engineer of software,I lived in Taipei, If you need local tour(No charges , in order to learning English),please let me know.(



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