Monday, September 23, 2013

Taipei Day 2


One chio selca of myself to kick start the day off!
Muahahahahaha~ :P

With Mr C! :D

Breakfast for the day:
Braised pork rice + assorted veggies + Katsu.
Loved the veggies + 卤肉! Fried chicken wasn't really my thing.

Saw a life-sized Taeminnie! :D

Bustling street of XMD on a Sunday!

Minions were practically seen everywhere!
Apparently, it's the 'IN' cartoon to own!

Hot, humid and sunny day!
But nothing's gonna affect us!

Trained from XMD to Hou Shan Pi 后山埤 (9 stops away)....

Hahahahaha, I'm loving the expression of C in the right photo! :P

No idea why but the wind in underground was really big!

Guess where were we headed to....?

Although we ate not long ago, C just can't resist another bowl of Braised Pork rice cos this was highly recommended by a taxi driver who were sending us back to the hotel the previous night. Kept on promoting about how good and tasty it would be and that it would be a big shame if we didn't try it.

Look at how happy C was..... xD

Selca while waiting for the food to come.... :P

And tadaaaaaaa~ My verdict?
Honestly, it wasn't very nice! Not to my liking....
The taste and the scent of the pork was a tad too heavy and 'fishy' in a way.
Not sure if you understand what I meant! xD
But I really love the rice! It's so pearl-liked, 一粒一粒的饭真的很好吃!
Pork was way too oily..... It's as if you can taste the entire amount of oil used to cook it, in your mouth.... LOL

Done with the meal and off we go!

Didn't take much photo while shopping (as always).... :P
Saw this really cute vintage pay phone in one of the Mens' store though!
I WANT! Someone please get this for my house warming next year! *HINT HINT*

I thought I would go crazy here at WFP 五分埔, but I was so wrong....
In fact, I think I spent lesser than 200 SGD! Perhaps partly due to the reason of me spending 300 SGD on the first night at Shilin Night Market. xD

Walked and shopped, saw this Meiko waffles ball and decided to try some..

It was..... Okay only. >_<

In the shop where I got a top for Alton, we saw this very cute short-legged dog!
I love her fur! So smooth and nice to pat on...

Looks like a mini Golden Retriever don't you think? ;)

The owners also very cute! She saw me taking photos of her dogs and went inside to grab the pooch's bag.... HAHAH!

By the time WFP closes, it's around 5+ 6pm in the evening!
So we decided to walk over to Raohe Street Night Market.

There was a huge temple next to it.

The following photos were taken whenever C stops to order some food.... LOL

Found a PGmall retail shop there too! Still remember how I used to hold sprees back in the past.

Cute cakes along the street sold by this angmoh who purposely looked away from my camera. LOL

Everywhere were so crowded!

Uh huh...

Pet shop?!

I pity these puppies....
Such a small cage and there were bright hot white light shining at them all the time! :(

Look at how restless they were!

Another pet shop down the road, where I got BBW a new house!


Look at the amount of people and you should be able to justify how good it is.

Love this aunty too! She was super generous with the ingredients when it comes to creating the perfect shaved ice!



Saw this super cute Stitch phone cover...... But sadly, they only have it for iPhone4.

C is pretty good at this!
I only managed to shoot 3 balloons!

Pretty cool crystals!

The colourful ukulele caughts my eyes. xD

Super long queue for this black peppy food!

Cabbed back to XMD to offload and C got hungry again....
So we walked out, trying to try a shop that was still opened.
And C got lucky!

Some 葱抓饼 again! Zomg, how not to gain weight you tell me.....

Spotted this super small Pom while walking back to our hotel.
Reminded me of my dear BBW! xD

Purchases of the day! :D

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my daily posts so far! :D
Day 3 coming up next!
Thank you for dropping by~ ;)



  1. Hello :) You and your boyfriend will be staying there for how many more days? :) Sorry if u think I'm a KPO... I'm just wondering how many more entry can I read :) Looking forward to your Day 3 entry!!! :D Anyway, have fun! :D

    1. Hi Cassandra~ We stayed in Taipei for 5 nights. Supposingly only 4 nights but the night when we were suppose to return, typhoon ruined our original plan. Day 3 is coming out tonight! ;)
      Thank you for stopping by~

  2. Hello!! :) Thanks for replying <3 Oic, then are you and your boyfriend alright? :) Looking forward to your Day 3 entry!!! :)



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