Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taipei Day 3


Woke in the afternoon and headed straight down to:

Just keep walking~ Just keep walking!

And finally! :D

My set of 鸡腿饭 + 卤肉。
Easily the best braised pork I had ever tried!
By the time I've finished the veggies, I was already super full!
But I didn't care and I went on to finishing the rice too... Cos the gravy was so damn GOOD!
Gosh, I miss it so badly...

Cabbed to City Hall and at their food basement...

We found awesome crepe cakes!

Famous pearl tea shop apparently cos there were ton of people queuing up for it.
Thus, being a Kiasu Singaporean, we did too... LOL

Walked out of the train station and this was what I saw.


I remembered how sunny that afternoon was!

Taipei 101 in its full glory!

How can we miss out taking a tourist-y shot with it as our backdrop!! xD

The famous eco-friendly bicycles that I've seen on TV programs.

Can you see the amount of people queuing up opposite from where we were standing?
Apparently there was some sort of an anime convention going on...
So I assumed that the place opposite us is some sort of our Suntec. xD

Panorama view of the basement of Taipei 101.

Queuing to get our tickets...

Photobooth! Trying to be cheapskate by capturing it when it was shown on the screen.
But we still bought it in the end! Keepsake purposes. :)

Our view at the observatory! Pretty awesome!
Same same but different from what I've seen at Namsam Tower in Seoul!

Okay, failed attempt at trying to imitate our iconic landmark.

Realised the camera lens that their photobooth are using to snap photo, is actually the same as C's DSLR: Canon 600D.

Selca while climbing up the stairs... Thus explain why it's so blurred. :P

Out at the open area at the top of Taipei 101!!!!!
Despite of the metal grills, it was QUITE SCARY!
The wind on top was huge and all. I was video-ing at the point of time using my front camera.. So scared that I would drop my phone and that's it man. LOL

Back at the souvenirs level. Cute pandas!

Exiting the observatory... Gosh, this place just reminded of our ION except their ceilings are really high and tall.

Walked all the way from 101 to a nearest train station.
Gosh, MAD MAD MAD far.
I was quite grumpy at that point of time cos my legs were really tired.
On top of that, the humid weather didn't help at all.

Making our way to Tamsui 淡水~

The interior of their metro.

Gosh, I love the sky! So pretty and cloudy by the time we reached Tamshui.

First street food we had on that day!

And the eating continued....

Ninja tortoise that we saw on showcase at the Museum of the Strange.
We didn't buy the ticket though.

It's clear that most Taiwanese love to adopt/buy dogs.
And it's amazing that most of them doesn't even need a leash!
Talk about trust. ;)

Fried durian pancake! Not too bad~

Some fizzy drink C bought from their convenience store.


2nd favourite street food after Braised Pork Rice: 冰糖葫芦!
Super sinful but you get to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours! :D

Love it with different type of fruits!
Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, grapes etc.

3rd favourite: Fried salted mushroom!

Assorted mushrooms in different shapes and sizes.
Yet again, fattening but so worth it. LOL

Their cooling drinks there are nice too!
My favourite is Aiyu 爱玉~ Soft soft jelly!

Passed by an arcade basketball machine and GAME ON!


Took a mini ferry to 渔人码头~

The waters were really choppy that night.. Got splashed a couple of times. xD
Colourful bridge was the first thing we spotted from afar!

The moon was bright, huge and round that night...


After much walking and sightseeing on the bridge, we ran to catch our bus to the train station.

C dozing off on my shoulder.. LOL

Stopped at:

And walked to Ning Xia Night Market 宁夏夜市。

Awesome night market if you would love to try out more street food.

I wonder how they made the eyes like that! Floating with the yolk uncooked!
Someone please teach me!

4th favourite food: Muah Chee Ice~

Don't you think his side profile resembles Jaejoong of JYJ? :P

Gosh.... This is DA BOMB man!
Sprinkled with generous amount of peanut on the muah chee + black sesame + sweetened peanuts, together with ice on such a hot evening..... FANTASTIC BABY!

C thought of buying fruits back to the hotel for our breakfast next morning.
I think we got 咔 man! Super expensive!

Bought mango and this too. According to the uncle, it's the king of fruits there in Taipei.

HAHAH, this scene just warms me up. Aww~ So sweet.

After buying fruits, we cabbed back to hotel and rest.
More sightseeing on Day 4! :D

Remember to check back here for more~ ;P
I thank you for stopping by!
Feel free to leave me comments. ;)



  1. Is Day 4 entry gonna be up by tomorrow??? I'm super excited!!! Hahaha ^_^

  2. How much money did you bring to Taipei?

  3. any 战利品 on day-3? hahahaha i am interested in tis XP

    1. None! Sightseeing day! Nothing much to buy.

  4. What camera did u use for all the photos taken? :) you are so pretty in every photos! ^^

    1. Hi Agnes~ It's my iPhone 5! ;)
      Aww thank you. :P

  5. Omg your skin is so flawless! What kind of skincare products are you using? :)


  6. That guy really looked like Jaejoong!!!! Omggg



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