Sunday, September 29, 2013

Taipei Day 4


Woke up quite early to prepare to head off cos C booked a 1 day tour at our hotel concierge to do some sightseeing!

Our friendly tourguidess for the day~

Our bus passed by a STAGE store at XMD.

 First stop of the tour:

Some store where you can get all the local souvenirs.
Bought some goodies from here!

2nd stop:
Unfortunately, it was raining pretty heavily by the time we reached there.... :(

I really pity these soldiers. I heard they got to stand there motionless for one full hour!
No blinking, no fidgeting or whatsoever!
See! This one opened his eyes he on the verge of tearing already.

 And C being goofy.... xD

3rd stop: A shop that specially sells green tea powder.

Taught us how to appreciate the art, the taste and the history of green tea.

Noticed the way my fingers are wrapped around the cup?
According to the ladies, it's the right way of holding the cup!


According to them, green tea powder is terrific as a home-made mask too!
They said that it will be like a market-selling-concept, meaning that they won't be pushy.
But no man, there was an aunty coming to promo and sell it to me.
Ok la, also partially because I wanna buy 1 can back to try.
In the end, spent 80 SGD buying one can home.
It's the powder that I'm mixing with my yoghurt now whenever I have them as breakfast.

Saw this huge Ferris wheel while we were on our way to the next destination.

And finally we reached! :D

Panorama view of the surroundings from a pavilion.

 First street snack of the day: Cuttlefish!

Walking down the street, we saw this pair of adorable pooches with their neatly trimmed fur!

I think it's a must for all tourists to come experience this place: Jiu Fen Old Street 九份老街。

Churros that wasn't that nice...

Cute and colorful slipper keychains~

This was where we settled our lunch...

Hahahaha, yeah! Despite of having braised pork rice for the past few days, C still went ahead a ordered one bowl for himself.
The soup and cold plate of chicken was pretty good! The rest.... Mediocre~

Check out the amount of collagen underneath the layer of chicken skin.

Zomg.... Really my favourite dessert! I'm missing it so much right now.

Cute dog girly dog bed that cost 900 TW!

The skies was pretty moody that day because of typhoon....

Decided to chill at a random old-old looking shop that sells coffee.
Just wanted to enjoy the wind and scenic view.
Digging the teaware that they used! So me~ xD

C really loves Taiwan sausages. That's for sure.

Back on the bus....

On our way to....

A jungle? LOL

Check out my newly bought super cool shaped umbrella from Shi Lin Night Market! :P

Walking the bridge was kind of terrifying...

Passed by this railway track that is still in used!

Finally our destination! The Shi Fen Waterfall 十份瀑布!

As you can tell, it was raining stitches and domos..........

Pretty spectacular don't you think?

Tourist-y shots for the sake of remembrance.

We were so lucky cos we managed to snap a shot together with the fast-moving train! :D
All thanks to our tourguidess' reaction and photography skills.

A short ride up to our final destination...

Sky lanterns! 放天灯!
Coincidentally, the name of this shop have got the same surname as me! 胡家~ :P

Bought the rainbow big lantern!

Saw this on their bulletins board.

Writing our wishes on the lanterns wasn't very easy, thus the ugly handwriting.... HAHAH

Ok, was an excuse.. Don't know how theirs look so nice! :P :P :P

One photo before it fly high up into the skies!

See the 3 dots? Ours is the highest one! :D ;)

Walked further down since we had a bit of spare time..

Another bridge that we didn't cross.

My dream car.......

Back on the bus!

Was pretty beat cos the night before, I didn't really sleep well. But it was a cool experience afterall! There's a lot of things to see other than shopping in Taipei! :P

Bus dropped us at Shi Lin Night Market once more.
Since it was early in the evening, there weren't any one queuing at the famous chicken stall.
God, it tasted so good! So different from the ones in Singapore!

Only 247 people in the food basement this time!

Settled our dinner at this Teppanyaki food stall.

The food was pretty good!
Sotong + prawns~

My favourite veggies + grilled chicken!

While eating, a family joined us on the left....
I couldn't help but stared at the small boy cos he is so cute!!!!!!!!!

Opss.... Caught me staring at him... HAHA

饭后甜点~ Some desserts for you?

Oreo + banana chocolate flavour shaved ice.


How could I miss this out right?
Like what I've mentioned, 1 of the top favourite street snacks! :D

Spotted another online bag stores, similar to PGmall~
Managed to spend all my money in there!

Back at XMD......
C always manage to surprise me with his huge appetite!

One of my to-do list for this trip was to go chill out at a pub/cafe where there's Live singing.... Unfortunately, we couldn't find any in the vicinity. :(

Decided to go to:


Don't you think that the corridor resembles a hotel? xD

They even have clothes hanger and a private washroom! Makes us wonder if this is a lapsup KTV...... xD

Check out my #singstagrams. :P

4 hours of singing + food buffet = 1k TW.

My purchases of the day! :D

Sorry for the delay in posting of Day 4 guys!
Thank you so much for your patience!

We were suppose to fly back to Singapore at midnight the next day....
But due to typhoon, we had to stay for one more night.
Check back for Day 5 soon! ;)
By the way, got my nails done recently!

Block 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 
(just walk straight down from KOI, and you will be able to see a playground)
Call them at 6259-0889 to book your appointments now!
You may click this links to see the past designs I've done with them -- III, III

Woke up pretty early to prepare and travel there cos it's kinda far away from my house and my appointment was at 11am.

Glad that I reached there at 10.45am!
My manicurist was kinda shocked that I reached so early. xD
Opted to do something simple cos of the Starhub TVB awards performance that I have did yesterday at MBS!

Simple, cheerful and bling all at once! :P

I really love the skills of my manicurist. I mean like other than her skills, I dig her creativity, her patience, her temper etc!
She's very dedicated, creative and delicate with all the designs that I've showed her as reference.
And for me, once I've find someone good, I will always go back to the same person no matter what.
I think it's because I feel comfortable and I really trust that someone.
Same goes for my hair!
Don't really like changing people who does these services for me.

Lately my BFF Natalie was like whatapping me that she accompanied her friend to a nail salon. Her friend showed the manicurist that she wasted to do my previous nail design (the red heart, polkadots and bling one).
Manicurist threw her temper when her friend requested to have it done exactly the way it was in my photo......
Oh wells!

The 2 things I wish for is a classic pedicure and gellish designs for my feets!
Hope they are located nearer to my house too!
Other than that, NO COMPLAINS!

Go on and try them out!
Quote my name for 10% off your bills! ;P

Thanks for reading! :D
Hope y'all enjoyed the posts so far!



  1. OMG 😱 Your nails is really really pretty!! AWESOME <3 Love the Little Pony 1 :) Hehehe ^,^

  2. May I know the lipstick color and brand u putting on? Its nice on u

    1. Hi dear, I didn't put any lipstick on in this post! It's just lipbalm and my natural lip colour!

  3. Hi Hayley, your cap is very pretty! May I ask where can I get that? Thank you!

    1. Hi dear, I got it from a booth in a night market in Taipei.

  4. Hi Hayley, would you still have the contact for this 1 day tour? Thanks!



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