Sunday, October 13, 2013

3rd Month NOW!

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading my Taipei trip! :D
Feel happy that I'm able to share my experience with you guys!

Been getting kinda busy since last week due to the 2 projects that I will be involved in.
One is Channel 5's drama: Zero Calling and the other, a movie named Filial Party.
Hopefully I will have enough time to blog about the press conference and all soon! :D

Anyways, was having a bad day on 26092013.
Went window-shopping at JCube and guess what I saw that totally made my day a whole lot better?!

Kinda missing my red hair. :(

Didn't put on any makeup that day and the Purerskin staffs were in awe of my complexion. xD

Well, gotta thank Purerskin for that! :D
Been using the products consistently and I'm seeing good results.
Thanks to the high concentration of Bird's Nest in the products, my skin have been glowing~

Can Bird's Nest really improve your skin?

While people have been consuming Bird's Nest for centuries, research has found that applying this miracle ingredient directly to the skin delivers targeted and noticeable results, including:

  • Regeneration of skin cells from Epidermal Growth Factor
  • Improvement of skin quality
  • Enhancing clarity and complexion

Even my MUA commented that my complexion is almost perfect! :P
Feels really awesome when MUA compliments your skin cos they seen so many people's before! So coming from them really means a lot.

More details about how the products helps with your complexion.
First up, the Purer Skin Crème Cleanser.

Then we have the Purer Skin Clarifying Toner.

You will need the Purer Skin Miracle Serum for the skin to absorb all the goodness properties of Bird's Nest.

And last but not least, the Purer Skin Night Recovery before you sleep to prevent the skin from losing any moisture, prevent any wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Just 4 simple steps to that flawless looking complexion that you have always dreamt of! ;)

Do you know that fellow Purer Skin ambassador Clara, Elaine & Fidelis actually did a skin test before and after application of Purer Skin products with a Skin Analyzer on their skin Hydration, Oil Levels , Skin Texture and had truly amazing results!
Unfortunately I did not get to try the skin analyzer but you should go check out their blog to see how much difference it makes upon application of Purer Skin Products!

Go check our Purer Skin website and their Facebook for more details!
I will talk to you guys soon!
Thanks for dropping by~



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