Friday, October 11, 2013


05 + 06 of October 2013

Not wearing any enlarging contact lenses in case you're wondering why I look so different! :P

Had my manicure changed due to filming...
Earliest appointment ever, 10.30am.
Reached at 10am when they weren't even opened! XD

Block 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 
(just walk straight down from KOI, and you will be able to see a playground)
Call them at 6259-0889 to book your appointments now!
You may click this links to see the past designs I've done with them -- IIIIII, IIII

Love the tiny tiny glitters Pei Wen chose for me as the nude base!
Really pretty under the lights. :D

Brunch at Junction 8's Watami with Natoon! Been a while!

Trained to town together with Natalie while Toon left us for his dance lessons.

Felt lost cos we didn't know where to head to.

Ended up chilling at OC's Maccha House to revise my scripts for Zero Calling. :D

I love this girl.
Even though we don't always meet up, but we have known each other since ITE days.
Gosh, those were the times......

Bus-ed all the way home together.

And ended up watching Running Man - Big Bang's episode on the computer.
Laughed tons!
Check out cutie pie~ :P

Next day....

Went down to Salon Runway after 2 months to give my tresses some pampering..


Super cool~ Trimmed and layered a tad bit too as it was getting too heavy.

My dearest Elein, trusted hairstylist. :D

Together with her assistant, Abbie. :)

Too famished.....

Trained down to Takashimaya for the Bobbi Brown's Winter/Fall collection showcase.

Goodies that we took home!

Currently contented with my life! :D

Remember to quote my name when you visit the nail or hair salon for 10% and 15% off your bills respectively! :D

Thank you guys for dropping by! :D


  1. Thanks for blogging again! And thanks for always replying! Like your attitude and blog more often if possible:) read the newspaper and they said you broke up, I thought it was real. Anyway, stay cheerful!

  2. New post~ehehe~yummy food<3 n love ur hair ok~XD

  3. You look prettier with your red hair and "fake" spectacles

  4. your hair is still that nice as always. gorgeous! ;)

  5. Hello Hayley!! (: May I know what is the name of the contact lenses that u use these days and where I can get them? :D As well as the fake eyelashes that u use! Srsly I hv nvr tried enlarging contacts & falsies before coz I don't know which r nice & good or where to even start! Hope u can let me know! (: Will appreciate it lots! Xie Xie ni! <3



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