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Dorra Slimming Singapore Review: First Visit at Kovan Outlet


Lower body weight problems have been and will always be the main issue troubling most women.
Women tend to put on inches on their lower body more easily than men because of the higher estrogen levels in their body and the fat cells there which are more prone to fat storage for childbearing purposes.
Besides, women burn fat differently from men. Women who have dieted will notice that as they lose weight, body fat starts melting away from the upper body first, while lower body fat tends to stay put.
Furthermore, unhealthy habits such as long hours of sitting, love for high calorie food and sitting cross-legged make it even more difficult for ladies to lose the excess fat on the lower body.

That's why when I was invited down to Dorra Slimming Singapore Kovan outlet a few days back, I was so happy! FINALLY, HELP IS HERE.

Dorra Slimming Specialty: Tummy, Hip and Thigh Slimming

Do you know that Dorra; is the tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert from France? 

And they are able to target and banish unsightly bumps and bulges on the lower body of women!

Working in the entertainment industry, it's crucial that I look my best infront of the camera in every different angle. However, due to the busy schedule and irregular time of filming, I have very limited time to work out.

Dorra has specifically developed a series of treatments to treat lower body concerns that all woman face: the dreaded love handles, bulging tummy, cellulite, heavy thighs!

They have an extensive range of anti-flab and anti-cellulite solutions which can be customized to your specific needs and I can now walk out after a short 20 to 40 minutes treatment, shedding a couple of inches just by lying on the bed which is simply perfect when I need to squeeze in a slimming session with Dorra in between my busy filming schedule!

Currently Dorra has 6 outlets in Singapore, Dorra has helped more that 16,000 ladies to slim down quickly and effectively, and I trust that they will also bringing me an inch closer to my ideal figure!
Dorra Slimming has been particularly well-received among working ladies and busy housewives because the first treatment only requires 90 minutes and it includes:
  • One-to-one consultation 
    This allows the consultant to achieve a rough understanding of your problem areas, eating habits, lifestyle and possible causes of your weight problem. Like mine was too much water retention in my body.
  • Body Composition Analysis
    With the help of a body composition analyzer, your consultant will be able to find out everything about your body. The amount of muscles, fat and etc.
  • Customised Slimming Treatment Programme
    A customized slimming programme will then be out for you to target the stubborn fats on your problem areas.

    I heard that in just 1 session, I'll be able to burn up to 600-2400 calories, which is equivalent to a 10-15km run! :D AWESOME OR WHAT!
I was welcomed with faces full of smiles and friendly staffs.
Was took to a waiting/consultation room while they prepare the necessity.
Got my height and weight measured and gosh........... #FML

I'm standing at 167cm tall but weigh a freaking 52.6 kg. FML FML FML
想当年。。。。I'm of the same height but I weigh only 44 kg luh! SIGHS
Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I've got 9.1 kg worth of fats in my body.......
Well, you don't really need that if you go to Dorra!
Cos they will be able to help you to reduce the fats without going under the knife!
One of the main big reasons why I'm getting heavier is because of my increasing water retention problem......... I HATE SO MUCH!
And also because my bones are really heavy! 23 kg?! 0_o

'Nuff of digressing. So anyways, the treatment that I did was
 + 1 Customised French Formulated Slimming Treatment

Experience with the first treatment
After a detailed body composition analysis and explaining to me where my problem areas are and what I wish to improve on. Decided to focus mainly on my thighs first.
We then proceeded to take a BEFORE-treatment photo.

During the treatment, I was told to lie on my tummy. 
Booster were applied one of my thighs first and the massage (with their special machine) begins. It was so good, I fell asleep almost right after she started!

I was asked to feel with my own hands the differences between the one that was massaged on and the other untouched one.
Gosh! The one that was massaged felt a little bit firmer and smoother lines!
Didn't actually think that I could feel the results straight away.... xD

Here's a before and after body measurements..... 
Gosh... Now you know how fat I am. T_T
That aside, please focus on the THIRD COLUMN!
It's the differences between treatment and after treatment!
Manage to lose 1cm difference just by lying (well techincally, I slept) on the bed!

Wished to diet but when I came out of the outlet after all the treatments, the waffles from Prima Deli smelt divine... Got no choice but to savour one filled with chocolate paste, right away. :P

Promotion for YOU, my dear readers! 

A COMPLIMENTARY Detailed Body Composition Analysis + 1 FREE Customised French Formulated + Slimming Treatment (worth $300)

Please call +65 6881 8181 and quote HAYLEY to make your appointment NOW to redeem the complimentary treatment! :D

Thanks for reading!
Hope it works for you!
To a slimmer us~


  1. Heard lots of bad feedback on Dorra. There are very agressive on selling their service. And worse of all, they services don't work. Thumbs down for Dorra.

    1. I guess when it's inevitable when you go to such places. To see a significant results, you gotta go for more sessions and control your diet!

  2. Haha..u looks awesome now..not fat at all~Last time is too skinny~tho still pretty,,now gorgeous n ladylike~And 167cm 52plus is still consider slim ya...normal is 167 least u are not..n u r not 167 67..haha~

    1. T_T I will really go bang the wall if I'm that heavy... T_T

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Hayley, I'm just bought a package of bye bye fat ($1,575) from Dorra. But when I search more info in this slimming review all get bad feedback and lots complainting about their service. I feel very insecure and regret, after I saw your blog so I decide to ask you about your case. Is it really works and your thigh really slim down? Am I get cheat?



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