Saturday, January 11, 2014

Highlights for the 1st time!!!

Backdated post! :P

Got my hair prep on 23 December last year, after all my shoots and before X'mas! :D

Like some LAPSUP maniac.

We go Jimmy Neutron style. HAHAHA

Was catching up on my drama while I was there!
For those who are interested, I was watching Empresses In The Palace.

Tadaaaaa~ Subtle red highlights + dark purple as base.

With my lovely hairstylist, Elein. Followed her all the way since my time at Salon De Choix. Love her!

Selfie time! :D

Remember to quote my name when you do you hair there for a 10% discount off your bill! :D

Was absolutely famished after sitting on the salon chair for so many hours! Walked over to Suntec and met up with C for dinner @ Ichiban Boshi! Sadly, they no longer make anymore Deep Impact! My favourite please! :(

Life have been pretty mundane these days since I haven't got any jobs yet! Gonna treasure times like this cos I will definitely miss it when I start getting busy! :D
Gonna fly over to Haiyat on the 13th with my parents~
First time there! Not sure what to expect. :P

Thanks for reading y'all.
I know I haven't been updating much these days...
Go follow me on my social platforms la! Quickier~ HAHAH
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Till the next time~


  1. Hi hayley,you look gorgeous! :)
    Your eyes very pretty! May I know which contact lens you using currently?
    Thank you! ;)

    1. Hi dear, thank you. :D
      Eh, I don't really remember. Just some all black lenses. :)



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