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It has been half a year now into using Purer Skin products and I must say, I really happy with the results.

Hearing the words 'Bird's nest' has always been kinda a luxury to me.

Why so?

Bird's Nest from a Clinical Experimental Point of View
According to a recent medical research reported by Hong Kong Chinese University, the cell division enzyme and hormone of bird's nest can promote reproduction and rebirth of human cells
The Glycoprotein content directly stimulates cell growth in human’s immune system.  
As a result, body metabolism is enhanced and functional effects are greatly improved.

Bird's Nest from a Nutrition Point of View
The main nutrition contents of bird's nest are carbohydrate (30%) and protein (5%). Bird’s nest also contains plenty of calcium and phosphorus, as well as some iron and iodine

Bird's Nest from a Biochemical Point of View
It have been proven that protein contained in bird's nest have some bioactive elements which might have nourishing and replenishing effects on humans body.
The experts conclude that bird's nest has three main functions:
  1. Enhances the rebirth of cells and tissues.
  2. Improves the immune system functions of our body
  3. Improves the body's tolerance toward the damage done by X-rays or other radioactive reagents.

Bird's nest is an excellent restorative food with a sweet and calm character;  it is good for any age or gender.

LadiesFrequent consumption result in fairer skin, helps to stay young and look radiant.
Pregnant Women: Consumption during pregnancy will improve immune functions of the fetus and the mothers will be able  to recover easily after giving birth.
EldersClears phlegm, strengthen lungs and kidneys, improves spleen as well as enhances appetite.
ChildrenEnhances immune ability, not inclined to get colds or flu
Men: Improves kidney and strengthens lungs, so not inclined to get weak.

Seeing how beneficial Bird's nest is to our body through consumption, Purer Skin decided to come out with a range of supplements for us beauty lovers!

In refreshing Lychee-Pomegranate flavor, Purer Skin Bird's Nest EGF Beauty Drink is enhanced with:
  • Astaxhanthin (to keep skin young)
  • Royal Jelly (for skin renewal, scar and wound healing)
  • Acerola Extract (for improved skin tone and to heal sun-damaged skin

Unlock your natural beauty from within! See results in as little as 7 days! :D

Next new product in line, the Bird's Nest EGF Day & Night Beauty Jelly which is scientifically proven to help your skin produce collagen naturally, EGF is as much as 5x more effective than consuming collagen alone. 

Fortified with Vitamin C which further boosts the natural production of collagen as well as Biotin which gives skin a natural glow and reduces wrinkles, Purer Skin's Bird's Nest EGF Day Beauty Jelly comes in refreshing Granny Smith Apple flavor!
You know what they say about "An apple a day can keep the skin doctors away!" :P

In calming Juicy Peach flavor, Purer Skin Bird's Nest EGF Night Beauty Jelly is specially formulated with Carotene to prepare skin for renewal and regeneration in the evening and Biotin and Vitamin C which encourages the natural production of collagen, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and with a natural glow.

I really like the taste of these jellies!
Bring me back to my childhood when we used to eat those that were packed with lots of preservative and colourings, except this is highly beneficial for our body and skin. xD

These jellies will be launching soon in stores, early 2014!
However, if you can't wait to get your hands on them, it’s already available on Purer Skin’s website! I've already hyperlinked to the respective sites above! Just click and purchase away~ :)

Also, do remember to check out their webstore, Facebook and YouTube for more information!

It has been a great journey with Purer Skin and I wish you ladies (even guys :P) the best complexion this CNY! :D

Thank you for reading.

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