Friday, January 31, 2014


Haha, don't be confused. I'm not going to bore you about random magic stuffs. Just to share with y'all, my lovely readers about a gem I've found sometime back!

Magic Shop is a leading company of Taiwanese skincare & cosmetics industry, currently holding 8 outlets in Taiwan, mainly Taipei. 

Many Singaporeans who visit Taiwan often would be very familiar with Magic Shop, especially for its high popularity products like the PROTECTIVE MAKEUP BASE, WATERPROOF EYELINER, LIPSTAINER etc.
(click to enlarge)
It stands firm in Taiwan’s skincare industry since year 2006, despite facing so many competitors throughout these years in Taiwan. 
People who came back from Taiwan, often raves of how “magical” MAGIC SHOP’s products are and would fly to Taiwan just to get their hands on them when the brand was not in Singapore yet. 

MAGIC SHOP does not rely on exaggerated commercial advertisements and celebrity endorsements in Taiwan to be popular in Taiwan. 
Their name is made famous by word of mouth from customers who use their products and viewers who often watch the famous Taiwanese beauty programme “NU REN WO ZUI DA“ (女人我最大) as MAGIC SHOP products are often featured in it. 

Used the Magic Shop's liner compared to another I've got in Taiwan.
Check out the intensity of it! 

Just one swipe and I didn't even apply much pressure!
I think that's quite impressive!

Lipgloss with very nice floral scent.

Other products that have got pretty good reviews as well!

BE GLAD beacuse MAGIC SHOP is now available in Singapore!!!

Head down to MAGIC SHOP's 1st outlet for a free skin analysis (limited time only)! 


Quote my name to get a 10% off your bill! :D


  1. lovee the makeup base & the waterproof eyeliner~~~~

  2. so happy i saw ur blog theyre in SG now ! i always buy when i go to taiwan cos they dun haf it here . did u use the makeup base day & nite? works wonder. very smooth ! their eyeliner dun smudge for my oily eyelids at all !

  3. Thanks for sharing! Gonna go there soon. :D



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