Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Lion Men Gala

Daddy dropped me at Millenia Walk for my appointment with Salon Runway.
Honestly, it was my first time washing my hair! :P
That's what you do when you want your hair colour to last ok!
Don't judge me please.
Feeling so sick man...T_T

#HayleyLOTD! Wearing Girly Make's 01 black and brown lashes.

Parents brought BBW out for a spin too!

Styling in progress....

Final touches:


3 of my favourite selcas of the week! :D

Dress from Danny L.
Please email agrichiavenue@gmail.com for the stilettos.

With my fellow TGIP cast who are both now signed under JM Entertainment too together with me. Missing out dear Naomi sweetie.
She couldn't make it cos she had to work. :)

My fourth time walking the red carpet.
First time ever was Star Awards 2013, then TVB Starhub awards, Police Story and now this! :D
Photo credits to whoever that took all these photos!

With the pretty girls.

Thank you my dear #stitchies for the presents and concerns. :)
Finished drinking both drinks even before I got home la!

The boys performing their new song for Lion Men.
The movie's idea was good and refreshing! Expect to laugh a lot whenever you watch Jack Neo's movies! Suitable for all ages~

Cabbed out to Beer Garden after that and accompanied my #LAPSUP girls to have their supper!
Saw this on their big big screen!
Trailer for #ZeroCalling!

With Peishi and Rachell~ :D
Always nice hanging out with them. :)

Thanks for reading y'all.


  1. You look gorgeous hehe! So sorry i had to leave early yesterday. Luckily Zhiqing is there to pass you the drink and card i got (: Hope you're feeling better now!

    1. Thank you dear! :D
      Sensing fever though. :(

    2. Oh no! Drink more water (: & happy chinese new year Hayley! HUAT AH haha.

    3. Thank you dear! Happy CNY to you too!



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