Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our 4th Valentine's Day together..

Thank you for the lovely purple roses!

My presents for him:
2 rings and hand-made choco banana oat cookies!
Texture is kinda nua-nua because I don't have an oven that can adjust temperature. But it tastes pretty good and he said he thinks it's one of the best present he've gotten! xD

His present~ Bringing me to:

It was both our first time there~

Crabfish mating on V day. HAHAHA

Some of these sea creatures.... They are kinda disgusting don't you think?

Purple fish that caught my eyes.

Leafy sea horses.

Can you tell?

Caught one diver arranging the rubber corals.


HAHAH, kinda scary...

Oh gosh.... Now this is really disgusting.


Hahah, C trying to catch the shiny fish.

The purple fish together with a fish with luminous bright blue eyes!

Then we reached the dolphins tank...

It was as if they were performing for us to see! Clever creatures! I would love to have the chance to touch them one day!

Humongous Japanese crabbies~

Panorama view of the world's biggest tank~

Totally have no idea how big these fishes can grow up to man!
Really an eye-opener for me. xD

Everyone crowding around this fish, wanting to get a piece of it by snapping a photo. LOL

That's me with a mini shark back facing me in the background.

Sea urchin aka Uni~ Apparently C said that I cost like a bomb if you want to try some Uni in Japan! And only experts with licence are able to sell them.

Fishes so shiny they reflects light when you wanna take a photo of them.

Went back to C's house for my 2nd set of present; Home-cooked meal.
Nothing worth more than handmade presents! It's filled with so much thoughts and efforts! ME LOVE~

Appetizer: Parma ham topped with cavier, thousand island dressing salad.

Soup: Miso soup with mini LaLa.

Main course: Aglio Olio.

Desserts: Chocolate cheesecake for him.

And Crème brûlée for me. 
No photo for that but go check out my Dayre post on it! 
Videos on how we made Salmon Mentai + my Crème brûlée~

Just chilling on the couch now, watching some movies on HBO.
Happiness can be so simple sometimes. :)

May we celebrate more Valentine together in the future.


Thank you for reading!


  1. isn't this today? u updated real fast! hope that your will last! happy valentine's day!



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