Saturday, March 01, 2014


I used to be 44 kg, you know.
Ha, that was actually 4 years ago.. Before I met C when I was still a teenager, eating home-cooked food by my awesome mom, high metabolism rate and well, young.
Sometimes I really wish to turn back time.
Rewind back to the days where I'm stick thin. Always feeling that cheap thrill of happiness whenever people commented that I looked 'skinny', be it in real life or on photo. xD

So now, are you wondering how SKINNY I used to be when I weigh only 44 kg? Here it is....
Photo taken by Jayley from the side.
Gosh..... How I miss my thighs!

Let's forward a tad bit, to maybe 2012, after filming That Girl In Pinafore, I went to film Dive Into Love in Malaysia for around 2 months plus. se
I started changing my diet, avoid carbs, having cereals for breakfast and during teabreak, eating at least 3 mini croissants + 2 white breads at the Redang Resorts early in the morning for 10 days straight etc.

I went from....
(During tho Pinafore days, July 2012)

(Beginning filming of DIL, October 2012)
Face and thighs still relatively slim..

(Almost wrapping up for DIL, November 2012)

Face, tummy, thighs and weight, obviously got so much bigger, heavier and also, tanner.... T_T

(Shooting for our promos, December 2012)
I was so upset that day when one of the staffs commented that I have got thunder thighs.. It was honestly the first time I've heard someone using that two words on me in one sentence. But I couldn't let my emotions get in the way as I was working. But deep down in me, I jolly well knew what he said was true. Just look at how tight those denim shorts were hugging my thighs in the photo below!
So swollen and no longer straight looking.... Even my face looked so fat!
At that point of time, I weigh the heaviest I've ever been in my life....
A mark I never thought I would hit..
53 KG!!! FML TTM

Going back Singapore, I was so determined and told myself that I have to do something about it! So I've decided to eat healthier! Never wish to hear those two nasty words again in my life!
Jogged for a few days in a row and started eating low-non-fat yoghurt for breakfast.... For the first week. Lol
Realized that I seriously have no interest in exercising at all!
As hard as I've tried, my thighs are always in the face (photos).
I've lost all confidence. Thus, I resorted to editing every single photos before I upload them online.

Sadly, I can only edit so much..
Those photos taken by the press/media people, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it! Not as if I can tell them to edit my thighs until stick thin for me before they publish it online or on the newspapers right?!

(Went back to KL for DIL press conference and promotions about the states, weighing 50kg, March 2013)


(28 September 2013, super packed day: 10am 2nd callback auditions for Filial Party 我是孝子, rushed to Grand Copthorne Waterfront for Pinafore's Shokubutsu roadshow and had to walk the red carpet + perform for the Starhub TVB Awards Night)
That aside... Please look at how swollen my thighs look on the TV screen.
OH.EM.GEE, I cringes every time I see myself on-screen luh. T_T

It's only recently when I realized that I really really really need to get something done!
I can't stand myself being so chubby anymore.
Even Jayley told me people who met her a few weeks back were saying that I looked fat.

That was the last straw.

Something crossed my mind all of the sudden and I remembered that I was invited to try out this Weigh-BeTTer! treatment at iBeauty Medispa!

So on the 19th of February (a week back), I trained down to AMK MRT station and slowly figured out my way from there using my trusty Google Maps on my iPhone.
Gosh, it was really hard to find. Partly because the weather was scorching hot, causes me to be a lil frustrated and I had never really have the chance to explore this part of Singapore.

After walking around finally figured it out and a tad late for my appointment... :P

Stepped into the shop and I was greeted by warm smiling faces, Mary and her daughter, Hazel.
They are really nice people man!
So friendly, accommodating, truthful and not pushy!
After chatting with them, heard that it's a family business that have been running for over about 30 years!
Apparently Xiang Yun 向云 and news anchor, Tung Soo Hua 董素华, had been there for treatments before!

To start the trial off, I was brought to the back of the shop to get my weight measured. 51 kg
High percentage of water plus stubborn hard fats in my body. T_T

Mary talked me through the treatments that I was going to try and after 3 and a half hours, I was done! Even fell asleep half way through the course of the treatments. 

There were 3 main techniques and steps used on me that day:
  • Cavitation - Using sound waves (so high-pitched only you're able to hear it) to vibrate and cause the break-up of stubborn fat clusters and melt them after.
  • Detoxification - To drain out the toxins through massaging the body's lymphatic system and to reduce water retention and the appearance of cellulite.
  • Lymphatic Massage - Opens up and unblocks all 106 metabolic Meridian points in the body, causing the basal metabolism to increase and tuned to burn fats throughout the next 24 hours (after the Meridian points have all been unblocked and stimulated).

I really enjoy chatting with my therapist, Li Fang. She's so helpful and thoughtful.
Always asking me if I were any discomfort or am I too cold etc. BIG LOVE!

After the treatment, I can really feel the differences. And by 'feel', I'm referring to my sense of touch. ;)
My thighs used to be hard when poked at but now, it's so much softer!
I would think that it's because of Cavitation that "melted" the hard fats.

24th of February

Weight that morning, measured at home before heading out.
Look at the high percentage of fats I have in my body.... 27.7%. OMG ;(

Went back for the 2nd session. Noticed that my face slimmed down too!
Absolutely no thinify was done in this selca. ;)

This time remembered to take a before session photos to see if there's any differences.
Decided to wear a pair of jeans that I've gotten since I was in Secondary 1? Had a hard time pulling up the denim man! Had to keep jumping at home and suck in my tummy to button it. T_T

Worn a denim shorts as well for a better view.
See! Super tight fitting man. That's why you don't see me wearing tight fitting clothes these days.... :(
The tigher it hugs, the fatter it seems. T_T

Off to lying on the bed for 4 hours....
One chio photo of myself before dozing off to Stitchyland~ :P xD

This time, tried out another type of treatment!

  • Presso Therapy - A more intensive form of manual lymphatic drainage. Helps to promote the body's natural functions in flushing out all the toxins and cellular debris accumulated in the lymph nodes. Helps to shape the lower body and provides immediate relief and comfort for heavy legs, water-retention (WHICH IS WHAT YOURS TRULY IS SUFFERING FROM T_T) and poor circulation.

After treatment~

In case you can't really tell the differences, here's one side by side photo of before and after the treatments.
Well I certainly can see and feel it! :D

Even BuiBuiWoo is happy for me! :P

27th of February

3rd session~ Another 4 hours on the bed.

Did the same treatments as before.

Plus something new this time!
Pardon cos this may looks disgusting... 

一粒粒~ @_@ 
It isn't as pain as it seems. In fact, it's just some warm feeling and suction at the tummy area.
Now, I've got 8 pacs. MUAHAHAH~
Forgotten to take a before and after photo that day! :(
Nevermind! Will try to remember to take it the next time I go~

Dinner alone @ ION's Wrap n Roll (Vietnamness style).
Pretty healthy and filling! But not very tasty. xD

Was one of the first few who got the chance to catch Malaysia-made movie: The Journey 一路有你~ 
Oh god.... Teared so much cos it's so relatable! Can't wait to catch it again when it's out in the cinemas!

That's all for now!
Thank you for reading this super long post.
Been a long long while since I've done such a post!
And FYI, I'm not paid to say (or type for that matter) anything nice in this post ok! Just sharing my experience. :)

Mary is nice enough to offer YOU, my dear readers / followers:

1st Trial at $100 when you quote my name "Hayley" (U.P. S$350)

Do share with me with you're planning to go for the 1st trial and your experience after ok?
Good luck!


  1. Does it really works? I tried googling on ibeauty medispa but apparently the reviews are all quite bad.

    1. Just went for my 4th session yesterday.
      I don't know about the rest, but it definitely works for me! :)
      I would suggest that you go try out the trial and decide for yourself Ashley~ ;)

  2. Hi, I've been reading Jayley & your blog since '13 & realised you all are quite friendly to readers! Hope you'll blog/dayre more! :)

    Can you ask Jayley to share her experience at mdis mass comm? Did she enter the deg program? I'm interested in the course if i can't enter ntu, really appreciate it if you can help as Jayley ain't active on her blog. Thanks lots again.

    1. Hello there! Haha, thank you for supporting the both of us! I'll definitely try to too! :D

      Unfortunately, Jayley is currently busy with filming some dramas.
      I could answer on her behalf as we both took the same course at MDIS.
      Nope, we did not enter the degree program. Stopped at Diploma. :)
      Perhaps you could give MDIS help desk a call or an email?
      They are really nice and friendly people! I'm sure they will be able to answer all your queries. ;)

      Good luck!

  3. Hi hayley, can you do a blog post about the recent opening of IDS clinic and provide price range for acne treatment? Thank you!

    1. Hi dear! Yes yes soon! :D
      Keep your eyes peeled alright?

  4. Thanks for replying, will email them.

    You eat lotsa good food so it's a blessing. :D

    Admire the close friendship of lapsupswag & your sishood with Jayley, parallels with my sis & i quite a bit. Really funny to read about you all stopping few steps to choose pic to upload hah!

    Guess most sisters are similar, we argue but are still close afterall. Can see you both have matured from past posts till now, can empathise with the angry posts as i used to do it too lol! Why i support S.H.E/SNSD's similar to why i support you guys, you all seem friendly so can chat tho we're strangers. Here's wishing you both with more acting chances, FIGHTING k!

    Have a blossoming romance with C too, hen nan de ai qing wei chi na me jiu. Bless you, stay cheerful ya! ^^

    1. Hahah thank you so much! I wish you and your sister all the same! ;)
      Been a while since I've received such a long and heartwarming comment! :D
      Jeongmal Kamsamhamida~ :D

  5. Hi Hayley, I'm also interested in slimming down. However, after we see the effects that we've slimmed down, is it a must to always be back and pay? :/ like, will it be permanent or is it just temporary slim down? My tummy is very huge for my size (like I'm 2/3 mths pregnant wtf) so yea~

    1. Hi sweetie! I was afraid that it'll rebound too! Will be blogging another post soon!
      You may go try it out! It isn't a must but it's good to maintain a good healthy and balanced diet! Maybe you can go try out their trial? :)
      If you do, do update me your progress! :D I would love to know!

  6. Hey hayley! You are currently still going to this spa for your treatements or you have changed? Can share if u have gone to a new spa?



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