Wednesday, April 02, 2014


So happy when Just Tangy emailed me and asked if I'm keen to own, not one but TWO gorgeous Claire Aristides bracelets!

Just Tangy is an online shop that brings you exclusive international designer brands from overseas, brands like Claire Aristides, Daniel Wellington, CC Skye and more! 

Prior to receiving these bracelets, I don't actually like to wear any accessories. Irregardless to sleep or to shower or whatever. Cos they always end up rusting and turning yellow. :(
BUT!!!! Ever since I've received the parcel in February, I've actually been wearing this Horseshoe bracelet every SINGLE day! Seriously! Like EVERY DAY! SO HOOKED to it! Literally. LOL

Love how intricate, exquisite, simple yet classy it is! Goes with every single style of my outfits!

Looking for an anniversary present to give to your girlfriends yet have no idea what to buy? How about the Diamond Heart Charm bracelet in White Gold? :D 

The quality of the bracelets are absolutely superb!
So fine and subtle! Sometimes I even forget that I'm wearing it. :P

This may sounds kinda silly but it actually makes me appreciate the finer things in life..

My current FaceBook profile picture:

Love how it shines under the sun!

Check out my arm candies! The Horseshoe bracelet just fits right in! Don't y'all think it's so pretty!? ^_^

Remember to check these gorgeous pieces out at WWW.JUSTTANGY.COM and sign up for their newsletter to get their ongoing special offers too!

Thanks for dropping by!

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