Tuesday, April 08, 2014

My visit to IDS Clinic

Hi readers! I wonder if there's still anyone coming back to my blog when I update so 'regularly'. HAHAH JUST KIDDING.
To those who still reads my blog, here's a big warm virtual hug to you! :D


Chester was so thoughtful, he booked a cab for all of those that were invited to the event!
Of course, how can I not make use of this opportunity to take SELCAs (cos selfies are too overrated ;P) right.. MUAHAHAHAHAH
Miss my purple hair so much...
With my favourite flavour of lollipop~

At the media launch of IDS Clinic~

Went down together with Peishi cos Jayley was busy and Rachell met with some problems... :/

Such a good place to camwhore and goof around. xD

The moment we step into the clinic, we were greeted warmly by their friendly staffs!

Uh huh, we always dig the buffet style. ;)

The whole clinic was so spacious and clean!

Love how they display all their products~

Just chilling, waiting for all the bloggers to reach.

More selcas with my baby LAPSUP using my camera~ HAHA! :P
And using her phone....

Also, GO check out the video she did that day!

'Nuff camwhoring....

That's Chester (backfacing and blurred out in the foreground) introducing IDS Clinic to all of us~
All so attentive except a few *ahem* using phone. HAHAHAHA

Was given a tour around the clinic. GOSH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
So sleek, chic and clean! And in case you're wondering what does C1 C2 C3 stands for, it means Consultation room 1 to 3. ;)

How each consultation room looks like:

At the end of C3, you see an arrow pointing to the left, it's Dr SK Tan's room!

Gorgeous lady still busy working! Too many things to do yet so little time! And the clients' chairs in the room, you see not? The purple one!!! I wouldn't mind having such furniture in my new house! xD

Absolutely love the interior design! Makes people feel so comfortable and chill~

Walk further in and you will reach this room~ See the white big round thingy? It is used to examine the various problems you might have and also helps to take photos of your face for their record.

Hahahah paiseh look kinda zonk out. Didn't really have a good sleep the night before. :P

Next area of the clinic, the spacious waiting area~ The place where you sit and wait for your numbing cream to take effect to have your botox, fillers etc done.

P1 is exclusively for Dr SK Tan, thus it's just located right outside his room.

P2 and 3 is right in front of the waiting area. Both rooms damn big man!

And so sleek looking plus all the equipment!

Walk past the waiting area and you will see this whole corridor labelled from T1 to T6. T in this case stands for.................... MAKE A GUESS BEFORE YOU SCROLL DOWN! If you guessed correctly, give yourself a pat on the back. HAHAHAH :D

Treatment rooms! :P

Done with the tour and let another session of camwhoring begin..... MUAHAHAAHAHAA~ *cues evil laughter*

This one kinda like the behind-the-scenes photo. xD

Together with Chester and Yina~

And of course, THE  Dr SK Tan. He's quite a funny man! Though when it comes to work, he's all professional and serious.

Freda who was unwilling to take a selfie with me thus, I kinda took this when she wasn't prepared. HAHAHAHA
 Managed to convince her to snap one with us in the end!

With KayKay, Peishi, myself and super-long-hand-Eric! xD


Chatted with Dr SK Tan and Chester for a little bit more!

Only person who wasn't there was Rachell! :(

Went to The Cathay and accompanied Jayley to shop a bit before watching Zac Efron get naked.. LOL *ahem* I mean "That Awkward Moment". :D xD :P

Took the public transport home together that night. Been a while!

* * * * *

If you are able to make it all the way down to this photo, CONGRATULATIONS
Head down to IDS Clinic and get yourself a free consultation by quoting my name! ;)

8 SINARAN DRIVE, #05-07 to 10, 


SINGAPORE 307470   

Please call to book an appointment: +65 6568 3555   

Thanks for reading guys!
Good luck!


  1. Hi Hayley! Would you blog about your skincare routine and the products you use? Your complexion is really good! Please share it with us!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Hayley! May I know what camera you are using? Thanks!



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