Tuesday, June 24, 2014

AXA Drive App @ Unplugged

03 June 2014

Went down to Dempsey together with Munah babe after our training at iFly, to attend the AXA Drive App Media Launch at Unplugged!

A line up of Subaru cars parking on the side of the road, waiting to be drove.

Taking a photo with the ladies (Wendy and Munah) with the backdrop~

Together with the AXA models~

Been trashtalking together with Munah since that morning! So partnering up together was just a breeze~

She drove and I look-out~

That's me checking out the application on my iPhone.

Pretty good app I must say! Especially for people who keeps boasting at how good a driver they are! Now you can totally show off with this application! The higher the score, the better driver you are!


On the road~

Munah did an awesome job man! She scored a total score of 297 / 300!!

With all the ladies in the house!

Wendy did the best! FULL MARKS!!!!

Ladies' VICTORY! :D

Whoever says that GUYS are better drivers, try using this app and gauge and you will know FEMALES are SAFER drivers!

Hahahha see the guys sulking.... :P

Back inside Unplugged.... Announcing the winners~

Of course, the ladies won!!! *CHEERS*

Click on the following links to download and try out the application now!

Apple Links - http://bit.ly/1tAWQPi
Android Links - http://bit.ly/1tB0bxB

On 8 Days~

Thanks for reading!

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