Friday, July 18, 2014

Drive Smart PEOPLE!

Different people have different needs. Same goes to drivers!

Whether you are a road traveler or a parents fetching your kids to and fro from school, AXA thinks that you deserve a protection plan that is customized for you!

Introducing Singapore's first truly tailored car insurance!
With 7 core plans and a range of plans to choose from, drivers like us can now enjoy a protection plan that meets your lifestyle needs and affortability! ^_- v

For us independent woman:

For those family-orientated people~

For people who likes to drive overseas~
Having a license in Singapore is very good and practical because when you are in other country, it is usable too! INTERNATIONAL BABY!

For the working class~

So which one suits you the most?
Hope this helps drivers out there!
Always better to be safe than sorry right?

Thanks for reading! 

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