Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Royal Open Heart

I have been wearing this Arbutus Royal Open Heart for quite a while now, and feel so good to hear so many people giving compliment about the watch.

Like, look at all the crystal, the purple color, and the heart-shaped cut-outs *melt*.
You can also see through the movement of the watch from the front or the back!
Everything about this watch scream feminine and fashion to me~

Oh and it’s an automatic watch, so you don’t have to hand-wind much if you wear it every day! :D
Awesome for lazy people like me~ :P

If you like mine, you should totally go check out their Facebook Page (

Their Instagram handle is @Arbutus_SG~
They are also running a 20% promotion, so head over to my Instagram account for the discount quote!

Thanks for dropping by!
I'll see you soon!

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