Monday, October 20, 2014

#GALAXYTabS #SuperAMOLEDtablet #seeittobelieveit

Hello there my dear readers!
How are y'all doing?

Anyone here reading this went to get yourself the Samsung GALAXY Tab S yet? :D

Honestly, how can you not love it!!!

It's so light and slim, I can simply balance it with two of my fingers!
Just look at the picture below! It’s really that light!

A very good size for ladies who always carry small bags~

Portable, convenient and the battery life is pretty awesome!!!
Able to last me 2-3 days without charging when I'm just using it to read my online books and check Instagram! ;)

Also, there’s this awesome feature on the phone called SideSync 3.0! It allows me to connect my phone to my GALAXY Tab S through Wi-Fi Direct®, whereby I can use my phone on my tablet! So when my phone’s in the room charging, I can still use my phone in the living room! It’s really convenient because then I don’t have to keep walking back and forth.

The Super AMOLED Display screen! BIG LOVES~

And users of the Samsung GALAXY Tab S also get to enjoy special rewards from GALAXY Life! You get to redeem promotions from the widget all at the tip of your finger! The promotions cover food, lifestyle, entertainment privileges, so basically you have it all within the widget. 

Just the other day I got a chance to redeem an exclusive combo from Cathay Cineplex, and brought my friends out for a treat. I think it really helps us to save cost too because the combo itself is so worth it!

Go check out their website for more information~

Have you seen the famous colourful macaroon advertisement about this gadget yet? ;)
Will this be something you wishlist? 

Let me know in the comment box down below!
Thank you for reading my dear readers!
And I'll talk to you guys soon!

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#GALAXYTabS #SuperAMOLEDtablet #seeittobelieveit


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  2. It didn't take long for that convincing to take place, and after a short while of introducing great gesture technology into operating systems, best android kids tablets companies have managed to finally persuade the general public into using touchpad devices with their desktop PCs.

  3. I own a tab s too. But mine is 10.5



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