Sunday, October 05, 2014

#ThreeWishes XinMSN Webisode

Breakfast Daddy bought for me early in the morning~ Yumms~

After hair and makeup. Gosh, when will I loose all this chubbiness.... :(

Surprise for Jeffrey on set~ xD
I'm sure he was truly taken aback cos he wasn't expecting it when I brought the cake in.. hahaha

Waited for a good 20 minutes before boarding a cab. Super hard to get one with you are at ulu Ubi. Can't even call for one. zzzz
Flagged down 2 cabs and both were changing shifts. Suay like whattttt.

Pampered my tresses at Next ION~
Thank you Gabriel! For always making me fall asleep when washing my hair. Gosh, his skills is like DA BOMB and the best so far!

Why can't we decide where the fats in our body go!??!!?

Dinner was a mix signature savory crepe from FEP. Walked over there after my treatment to get it and took a long long bus-ride home.

Plus Taiwanese sausage and Prawn balls from my house downstairs' Pasar Malam.

No idea why this random update..
Thanks to those who still comes back to this forgotten blog. :P

Love y'all.


  1. Nice pics n yummy fds~Love seeing u in drama too~jiayou ya



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