Friday, December 19, 2014

Jelly Bunny is FINALLY in Singapore!

Hello! So sorry for not updating this space for almost a month?
The second half of the year have been really busy for me, especially from June onwards.

Events, scripts, fitting, filming; People to meet, places to be.

My favourite month of the entire year gotta be December!
And I guess most of y'all may know why~
Cause it's my birthday month and so many festivities!
C's birthday, X'mas, counting down to a new year, fireworks and all that.

Finally got the time to use my lappie. Can't even remember when was the last time I touched it. xD
Gonna fly to Seoul in a few hours time to film #FamilyWanders with my twinney! 2nd time spending my Christmas there ever since 2012. Freezing temperature hopefully results in slimmer body and less binging on food? xD Do y'all think it's possible? HAHAHA

'Nuff of digressing!

Jelly Bunny is finally reached our sunny island!
And I'm proud to be one of the first person to be able to have a glimpse into what's going onto the shelves before anyone else! :D

Some of the bags and shoes I've received from Jelly Bunny!
So comfortable and they smells oh-so-good!
Share with me in the comment which look or bag / shoes would you like most!






On the 21st of November, went down to Plaza Singapura for....

The official media launch of Jelly Bunny! :D

Ms Katharina, Jelly Bunny's International Business Development Manager cutting the cake! :D

Met Silver and Eileen there! :)

And Dawn too~ ^_^

#HayleyLOTD that day~ The girls in the store were all fawning over how pretty and cute my bag look! Too bad, they didn't have enough stocks for it!

Thank you Jelly Bunny for all the lovely accessories!
Compliments so many of my outfits!
Can't wait to see their next collections! ^_^v

Till then, thank you for dropping by!

Remember to comment which of the bags and shoes you guys like!
I love to hear it!


  1. I loved those in the second picture! :)

  2. will u update n upload pics from ur korea trip..hehe

  3. may i ask where is your this pair of boots from?

  4. Hello 我可以追你吗? 我看过你在有一步戏说你追了很多男生可是不成功。。。我们可以试一试吗。。。?

  5. Hi! I like all of the jelly bunny bags that you are carrying in your photos. However, none of them has been spotted in the shop in plaza sing. Are they only being sold overseas?

    1. Hello! I think those that I carried in my photos are already past seasons! :)
      Hopefully this helps you... xD

    2. Oh I see. Is there any way to purchase items from past seasons then? Have tried their official website and other online websites, but do not seem possible to purchase online.

    3. Hello! Do you want to email me instead and we will communicate from there? :)



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