Friday, March 27, 2015

Food Tasting @ Orchard Central

Been a really long time since I've updated this space. I'm really sorry people! 
Been swarmed with work ever since filming Starhub's first ever drama serial 我的宝贝机密 My Secret App.

Subsequently, also started on the 2nd season of Zero Calling 2 and am currently busy with it all the way until mid April~ 

Following that will be Channel 8's 118. The producers of the drama serial decided to bring my character, Vivian, back! I'd only filmed 3 days for 118 previously and appeared in episode 53, 59 and 60. 

As much as I would love to blog and share my thoughts with y'all, I'm really exhausted whenever I reach home. All I want to do is to finish doing my homework for my scripts and to sleep for all I can.

'Nuff of digressing!

Am back to share with you guys the fun food trail that I've recently been invited to at Orchard Central! They have new F&B outlets - Green Rabbit Crepe & Salad Gastrobar, YiLi Pao Pao Ice and I Wanna at Basement 2 and new lunch menu at Tanuki Raw on Level 2 of OC. 

Tanuki Raw

UNIT NO. : #02-03

On the top left corner, it's the:
·  Truffle Yakiniku Don 
Break the runny yolk of the onsen tamago egg over the black angus short rib that has been pan seared with a dollop of truffle soy sauce. This is the best seller and I can totally understand why. The runny yolk makes the rice so moist and rich!

Next to it is the: 
·  Bara Chirashi Don
Cubed-cut version of chirashi don with scallop, sea bream, tuna, swordfish, salmon, striped jack, and salmon roe, seasoned with their signature sauce served with tamago on sushi rice

    And my favourite out of the 3 Dons:

    ·  Salmon Don (LOVE!!)
    For salmon lovers like Yours Truly who can have salmon in all its goodness, raw and aburi style.
    Fresh sliced sashimi, lightly seared aburi, and, plump ikura served with their housemade spicy mayo and yakiniku sauce

    ·  Taco Fish 
    Beer-battered fish tacos with radish, spicy sauce, yuzu, mozzarella cheese, and avocado. Very satisfying and very hard not to want another helping of it :p

    • ·  Rockstar Roll (LOVE LOVE!)
      Seared salmon draped over mozzarella and covered with mentaiko sauce). My personal favourite, like an explosion of savoury flavours in your mouth!

    •   Mona Laksa and Tom Yummy: salads with a twist. 

    Instead of just stopping at caesar dressing and the usual dressings. try out these salad dressings with a twist. Never thought salad could be so tasty, the laksa dressing was a really pleasant surprise! Husband and wife owners Roy and Kiandy also made sure to include chicken breast in the Mona Laksa for that protein boost you need from eating healthy.  

    • S.Berry Shortcake
      Strawberries, Shortcake, Strawberry sauce, Fresh Cream, Almond Flakes)

    • S.Berry Chocolate
      Strawberries, Nutella, Fresh Cream, Almond Flakes

      Can't decide which one i like more cos i like both! 

    YiLi Pao Pao Ice

    UNIT NO. : #B2-05

    They have got 3 PaoPao Special: 

    • Boba Milk & Egg

    • Peanut & Oreos 

    • Red Bean & Milk

    • BUT! My personal favorite flavor: Taro
      The taste is rich but not overly heavy!

    The rest of the Pao Pao that the stall had kindly treated us to~ 

    So pretty isn't it!
    We all agreed that Mango and Strawberry is the prettiest and also most refreshing-tasting combo! 

    And their teas~ Refreshing!

    UNIT NO. : #B2-04

    Bite-sized mini cupcakes, just pop one into your mouth.
    My favorite: Red Velvet (also one of their signatures!)
    Moist texture and rich flavors~

    Spend a min. of $30 (max. 3 same-day receipts) at selected Basement 1 and 2 Food & Beverage stores, to receive a $5 Far East Organization Mall voucher. Limited to 1st 200 shoppers only.
    Terms & Conditions apply*

    Thank you for reading!
    Go follow my Instagram for more daily updates of my life! 

    * * *

    After food tasting, went to Passion Hair Salon! (My new hair sponsor thanks to Fann Omma!)

    Beautiful and nourished hair thanks to Ryan~ :D


    1. omg where do u get that tsum tsum top from, may i ask?

      1. From I.T @ Orchard Gateway! However, I don't think you will be able to find it now as that collection was already over~ :)

    2. YAY you updated your blog at last! The ice looks so yummy!!

      1. Hehehehe YES LIKE A FINALLY RIGHT. xD
        Too busy.... and lazy. :P

        You mean the Yi Li Pao Pao? I love that Taro one so much!

      2. Hayley i like ur drama u so pretty i am weiquan

    3. Hayley i like ur drama u so pretty i am weiquan

    4. Haircut is very important thing for evrey woman to be more beautiful and look perfect.



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