Hayley Woo Jia Yi A.K.A 胡佳嬑
Since 2009, I have been regularly invited to various bloggers' events such as skin-care workshops, awareness campaigns and fashion event. In terms of modelling, I have  for blogshops such as Fashionhooks. Last year I participated in the Vaunt 5 runway event which was an eye-opener. Recently, I was chosen as the new face of Skin79 White Reviving Product Series 2011, which was featured in various local magazines and in Watsons' stores islandwide.
My passion lies in singing and dancing. I began to sing during my secondary school days in my school choir and performed for the musical 'Joseph and the Technicolor Coat'. For the fun of it, I started posting videos of my twin, Jayley, and I singing onto YouTube, where we sang covers of many Mandarin, English and Korean songs. Though I only started learning dancing in 2011 and still have difficulties when it comes to remembering steps, I really enjoy dancing very much! I've always like drawing as well, especially anime characters.

I aspire to be an all-round-artiste in the future.

Quotes that I wanna share with people:
‘Everything happens for a reason.’
‘Live everyday like it’s your last, cause you will never know what happens tomorrow.’
‘Shit happens, always look on the bright side of life.’
‘All you have to do is know where you're going. The answers will come to you of their own accord.’ ~ E. Nightingale

Colour Preferences: Purple, pink and white.
Food: Mom’s cooking and almost anything that is sweet.

"Acting is my new found love."

That Girl In Pinafore 《我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切》

Filmed it during June 2012. Opened in cinemas on 1st of August 2013.

It is a coming-of-age film from Singapore set in 1993 about dreams, friendships and first love.

The story follows a group of teenagers' efforts to bring business back to a struggling folk music pub, and the blossoming love between them.

1992, Singapore is on the cusp of having the first elected President, and has just banned chewing gum. There is an air of hope and rejuvenation in the air, where everyone believes a Singaporean dream is possible. There's a bunch of young people who are creating unique Singaporean music known as 'xinyao' and creating plenty of local works at a crazy pace. This is also the time where music cafes/lounges featuring local talents sprouted everywhere alongside a new trend called karaoke.

Jiaming is a free spirited lad who has never taken school seriously. His parents own a music lounge called "Meng Chuan", and feels he could help run the business if he not for school. True enough, his 'O' level results bombs...

Jiaming has a bunch of buddies named Caogen, Haoban and Xiaopang who scored well enough to move on to Junior College. But they are caught renting porn magazines by the Principal and are suspended for a month.

During this month, the 4 boys take part in a local music competition, have their first taste of love, and work hard to bring business back to "Meng Chuan". This coming of age tale, sees Jiaming and gang learning the harsh realities of the real world; and finding out that choosing between what your heart wants and what the society expects from you, is akin to losing your innocence in an adult world.

Through Meng Chuan's struggle, the film reflects the eventual demise of the 'Xinyao' (Singapore Chinese folk music) movement around the mid-90s. And signifies a losing of innocence in youth's struggle to battle the realities of growing up. 

THAT GIRL IN PINAFORE 《我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切》is the first Singapore film in 15 years to celebrate the success of 'Xinyao'( 新谣), the popular 90s Singaporean folk music movement. The film re-introduces this music with contemporary arrangements to a new generation in this charming teenage love story.

"That Girl In Pinafore", is a tribute to those who had a 'Singaporean dream' and fought for what they believed it. In spite of the environment that they were in, they pursued their heart regardless of what their head tells them, regardless of the social expectations. Hopefully, this coming of age tale that is based on "Xinyao" can touch and inspire more people to listen to the music in their hearts.

Dive Into Love 《潜入蓝中蓝》

Filmed it during Oct-Dec 2012. Premiered 3rd of March 2013 on Malaysia's 8TV, every Sunday at 7pm. 20 episodes.

由八度空间和MM2 Entertainment联手打造,一部以篮球和潜水为题材的青春偶像剧《潜入蓝中篮》,演员阵容包括有来自台湾的帅气新晋演员Greg许光汉、新加坡的Hayley胡佳嬑,以及马来西亚Rain帅羽、Rickman谢承伟、Jeff林志桀、Wind李诗斌,以及篮球国手罗树辉。

Zero Calling 

Was filming this together with Filial Party in October-December 2013.
Premiered on 16 February 2014, every Sunday at 10pm on Channel 5.

The pilot script for Zero Calling was first runner-up in the Television Category of the 2006 MDA National Scriptwriting Competition. More than a cat-and-mouse thriller, it is about the pervasive power of the Internet and the gradual erosion of personal privacy in a world where one’s movements can be tracked through numerous means – public CCTV cameras, ISP IDs, even a simple EZLink card – asking the simple question: what if someone wanted to use all this information … to control an individual?

David is an ordinary man coerced by a mysterious caller, Zero, into carrying out his instructions in order to ‘right the wrongs’ of society. Although David knows that what he is doing is no more than gutter vigilantism - taking the law (or one person’s perverse interpretation of it) into his own hands – he is unable to escape Zero’s spell as this mysterious master seems to know every single detail about his daily life; where he stays, what he does, who he talks to and even what he eats. 

Zero has the power to harm David’s loved ones – his wife, Cynthia and his teenage daughter, Maddy – and will not hesitate to do so as he carries out his twisted game. 

David is now on a race against time to uncover Zero’s real identity so he can have his life back to normal. Is Zero an enemy from his past or some strange institutional experiment? Whoever this mysterious man is, he has to be unmasked and captured before he claims yet another victim, or before the police closes in on Moses and puts him behind bars.

Filial Party 《我是孝子》

Was filming this together with Filial Party in October-December 2013.
Premiering in cinemas on 1st of May 2014.

The movie is set in modern S’pore where reality TV game show “I Am Filial” has taken the nation by storm; the winner who portrays exceptional filial piety will win the grand prize money of $1 million.

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